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mercredi 5 septembre 2012

Au revoir My Scrapbook Nook

Une page se tourne, le kit club ferme. J'ai voulu participer aux messages d'hommage à propos de ce super endroit. Voici donc mon message invité sur le blog de My Scrapbook Nook :
I first knew My Scrapbook Nook thanks to a small group of ladies I had virtually met on another friendly forum which closed. Sounds familiar ? I joined this place in 2009, not feeling like sharing a lot because I was not a subscriber at this time (big error!). But this forum has very quickly become a scrapbook home, a dream home where the chores are just fun. A place where someone is grocery (scrapbook stuff) shopping for you so you just have to cook with the yummy ingredients following the recipies (challenges) ; a place where you always find someone to hear and support you whether you're down or happy ; a place where you travel from the US to Asia, from Europe to Australia in the blink of an eye ; the place where you want to go as soon as you have time.

I was looking for my « style », I found it thanks to the great inspiration I always found in the gallery. Not only the DT girls have always been awesome, but the international community was a great source of wealth too. I've never seen a forum this friendly. I will miss it, even though I know that with internet we can stay in touch in other places.

Inspiration from the gallery, picking ideas from left to right and excellent tutorials from the DT helped me to go out of my comfort zone, I have made this :


Among some of the best kits and moments I remember, there is this one : it was made with the March 2012 kit, and I think it is my « My Scrapbook Nook » style.


I will also never forget the awesome crop parties too ; the last one was just the greatest for me since I've made all the 17 challenges the girls had in their sleeves for the National Scrapbook Day, it allowed me to make this (with a 2011 kit) :

Speaking about virtually cropping together and making friends, I will finish this post by thanking all the ladies on the forum for their kindness. I've met the nicest persons virtually, this became a little less virtual when we started to exchange photos and make layouts for each others. I got two awesome layouts from Katarina. And then it became real when I met Bente. I could never have imagined that meeting an international forum friend would happen one day. This is a great achievement. I wish I could meet in real life a lot more people from My Scrapbook Nook.

Toutes les meilleures choses ont une fin – All the best things come to an end... Something new has to start somewhere else. I thank Pam and Leah for their communication skills and kindness, and I wish you all the best for the future. Good bye !


2 commentaires:

  1. Laurence - Ces trois pages sont vraiment merveilleuses! Surtout les couleurs et les layouts. Bonne rentrée! Aujourd'hui c'était notre rentrée-mais trop chaud! Bises Peggy

  2. Hi Laurence, nice to see you back in blogland. You have chosen some excellent projects to showcase your time as a 'Nooker'. Thanks for sharing. I will see you somewhere else in cyberspace. Take care!!


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